Mabinogion Illustrations.


The Mabinogion is the earliest collection of prose found in Britain, compiled in the 12th century from spoken word.

They are stories of pre Christian Celtic mythology, and Anglo-French influences.



Based on the story of Branwen, considered one of the most important goddesses of Britain. She had a tragic life and a tragic end. Branwen was the daughter of LLyr, the god of the sea, her brother Bran, a giant who wanted to join Britain and Ireland, arranged a marriage between Branwen and Matholwch, although the marriage didn't go well, Branwen said nothing and was banished to the palace kitchens with her only friend, a starling.

Branwen was also known as Bronwen, which means 'white raven'. Any white raven found in the wild are said to be sacred to Branwen. White ravens are said to symbolise dreams and prophecies, hence the title 'Breuddwyd' which means 'dream'

I had to take a lot of photographs of ravens to get the right one to work from to create this piece of ink art. I had almost given up until one misty morning, there was one staring right at me. I took a quick shot with my phone camera, it was blurry, but with all my other reference photographs, I had enough to make it work.